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What to look for

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We love tattoos, its our life. But we want to protect customers from cowboys. Below are some examples of good and bad tattooing—giving you some specific idea of what to look for when choosing your artist.

Caveat emptor (Latin) = Buyer Beware!

image11361 image11431

Compare the line work. Compare the shading. Compare the solidity of the colour.

image7721 image1138

Compare the smoothness of shading. No hard lines on the right, which is a good portrait.

image3841 image6321

Compare the linework. Compare the propotions. Both dragons are unfinished but the quality difference is clear.

image1114 image11091

Two Squaw tattoos in a traditional style. The one on the right has solid smooth lines, solid colour and good facial proportions.

image1111 image1112

Two panthers. The one on the right has solid colour which is well used so we can see the facial features, which are lost on the left.

Our gratitude is expressed to those artists who have given their permission for publication which we sought where possible.

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