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Tattoo etiquette


Tattoo studios all operate in different ways—some work by appointment only, for example, others offer only a walk-in service.  Many are a mixture.


There are some general rules of thumb that apply to most studios though and if you want the best from your artist, we suggest:


· You should call or pop in to chat about any complicated designs well before you want the design done. This will allow your artist to give feedback on your idea and to take a deposit and prepare it or draw it up if needed. Some studios will prefer you to book a formal consultation appointment—check their own Facebook or websites to see if they have a preference.


· If you bring in designs, please bring in clear print outs or bring the designs on a memory stick. NOT on your phone or even Ipad. If you can print them to size, even better but most tattoo studios have a photocopy machine that will enlarge or reduce your tattoo design.


· If you are running late for your appointment, please give the studio a call and let them know otherwise you may lose your deposite.Most tattoo studios require 48 hours notice for a cancellation.


· If you cannot make an appointment for a tattoo or consultation, please have the courtesy to let the studio know by phone or in person as soon as you can. Many studios have a strictly enforced cancellation policy—make sure you know it and adhere to it so you don’t end up out of pocket.


· Some tattoo shops have a no children policy, please check out the policy at the studio you have chosen and comply with it. If they say it is better to leave kids at home (and this often includes refusing entry to under 18s including babies in prams), When you are arriving for your tattoo if you do have children with you make sure there is someone to take care of them as they wont be aloud in the treatment area.


· If you are unsure about any aspect of the design please let the artist know well in advance as last minute changes are, at best, time consuming and eat into your tattoo time.


· Whilst being tattooed, please keep still. It sounds obvious but still needs saying. Many studios will not allow friends or family to sit with you as it is distracting and makes you move, please respect their reasons.


· Don’t be surprised if your artist refuses to copy someone else’s tattoo directly—most are copyrighted—let your artist put their stamp on it and give you something unique.


· If the studio closes at 5pm, please don’t turn up at 4:45pm expecting to get a tattoo—even the smallest tattoos require preparation for the design and to set up and clean down afterwards, which is why most studios also have a minimum charge.


· Don’t shop around just based on hourly rate—on its own it means nothing anyway.  Tattooists all work at different speeds, in different styles and with different levels of ability. Do your homework on all these things before you decide on who is right for you. Remember cheaper is not always better so take some time and view the portfolio of the tattoo artists previous works before you continue.



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