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British Tattoo Artists Federation

(Reg’d 1975)







Application for membership




Please complete this form and return to the above address and enclose £50 for your joining fee pack






Name of Studio  






Telephone ...                                                        

Email Address



Is your studio registered with your local authority under the LOCAL GOVERNMENT (M1SCELLANOUS PROVISION) ACT 1983 Chapter 30. Yes____No____


If your answer to the above question is YES please send a copy of your registration certificate. If you answer NO we will write to your local Environmental Health Officer to confirm your answers to this application for membership to the B.T.A.F.




You must have been tattooing for minimum of 5 years to be eligible to join the BTAF

The date of your health registration certificate is used as proof of when you started tattooing professionally



I hereby request membership of the B.T.A.F. I have been a professional Tattoo Artist for .years.


I agree to comply with all rules and regulations as set out under the LOCAL GO\’ERNMENT (M1SCELLANOUS PROVISIONS) ACT 1983 Chapter 30.


I agree to uphold the B.T.A.F. policy of promoting tattooing at all time and not to bring this profession into disrepute.


I fully understand that any action by me that in the opinion of the membership of the B.T.A.F  not in keeping with the Federations aims and policies will lead to expulsion from the B.T.A.F


Signed.                 Date .                  


I enclose joining fee of £ 50


Cheques/Postal Orders made payable to British Tattoo Artists Federation.