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Peter James Sinclaire Hawkeye's Tattoo Carnival

By Btaf promotion, Mar 22 2014 04:30PM

If anyone knows anyone that fits this description: I need a third artist to join Stu Dixon Dawson and myself for this upcoming silly season at Hawkeye's Tattoo Carnival, right person might be kept on after September.Usual stuff, if you are honest, decent, can supply references, can draw, can tattoo well, have your own portfolio with good strong work, can do your own tax, can be on time, prepared to put the extra mile in, can clean, have clean clothes, hair and fingernails, can look after yourself, have a UK passport or UK Driving Licence then PM me.

I will not respond to comments as it shows that you will not have read this thoroughly. Neither will I take you seriously if you send me a "Hi, here's my portfolio, call me on 444 4444."

Apprentices are not wanted, nor is anyone whose total experience has been scratching from home.

No Wannabes, Thieves, Drunks, Druggies, Kiddie Fiddlers, Bullshitters, Liars, Wide Boys, and if you are under 25 then you are probably not the right person. And please, do NOT call into the Studio. We will contact you if there is the need.

If this sounds too much then you have answered your own question. Let us not embarrass each other by wasting each others time.

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