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Want to help us Stop illegal tattoo scratchers just report them here.


The British tattoo artists federation are seeking help in the fight to remove dangerous unskilled and incompetent individuals that are destroying the general publics perception of what a  professional tattoo should really look like.




If you or someone you know has been taken in by an individual operating as a tattooist from home then the chances are you have been tattooed by someone with little skill and no real experience.Unfortunately this unregistered individual is quite happy to destroy peoples skin and leave there customers with a real risk of infection.Your health and the quality of your tattoo mean nothing to them and they are more than happy to take your hard erned money in the process.








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Have you a friend or family member fell victim to scratcher?

Help protect the public and report an illegal tattooist


It is easy to report these people and If you know where one of these illegal tattooists live or where they are working from all you need to do is use the contact form below.Please supply us with as much details about them as possible including the name and address of the illegal tattooer and even pictures if you have them and we will pass the information on the the relevant authorities.








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Report illegal tattooist form

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