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Tattoo Conventions


The British tattoo artists federation are currently seeking to play an active role at tattoo conventions throughout the United Kingdom. Our purpose at these events will be to promote safe tattooing and sell merchandise in an attempt to raise awareness and raise funds for our continued efforts. Our members who represent us at these events attend on a purely voluntary basis and the BTAF are a none profit making organisation. If you are organising a tattoo convention and would like to support our cause by donating us a free booth or exibition space then please contact us by email  using our media enquiries address found on our contact page.

We can offer our sponsors a free advertisment here plus wordpress post and an additional  permanent link to there tattoo convention event on our BTAF news page.






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Recommended Tattoo Conventions

1069232_10151587896863337_441273026_n 1374092_588444407885896_1864886058_n TATTOO EXTRAVAGANZA 1554506_10152512614424045_1984381394_n BACK IN THE DAY EXPO TATTOO EXTRAVAGANZA 1378065_650176071681054_1243212006_n Northamptom Convention Northamptom Convention BACK IN THE DAY EXPO Portsmouth Convention Portsmouth Convention 10369175_10203553676779660_1431169106607176120_n INK FOR HEROES INK FOR HEROES