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The British Tattoo Artists Federation was founded in 1975 by Jim Mager


Recently resurrected, the BTAF is now active in promoting tattoo safety and protecting the public from dangerous amateurs.  Whilst the recent explosion in tattoo popularity has been welcome in business terms, it has brought with it some problems.  As professional tattoo artists, there is not a day that goes by that we don’t see yet another Facebook photograph of a badly executed tattoo or, even worse, someone being tattooed in unsanitary conditions in someone’s home. We also see this damage in our studios regularly. The damage being done by unqualified amateurs is unacceptable.

Whilst it is possible to to build a safe treatment tattoo room within a  home, the same strict rules need to be in place that apply  to be in regular tattoo studios.  As well as the person getting tattooed, the tattooist , the homeowner and their family are all at risk of blood borne disease and infection from environmental pathogens. This is not a hobby to be attempted without the proper knowledge, qualification or training.  Our aims and objectives are listed here.  We exist to protect the good name of tattooing and our trade from the unscrupulous unhygienic practitioners, no matter from where they operate.




A tattoo is a lifetime decision . Be safe and choose a recommended higienic professional

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